The NZFC Lumina Lamb Ambassador Competition!

Calling all Vancouver-based chefs! The New Zealand food company has teamed up with our premier supplier of NZ Grass-fed lamb, Lumina, to put together the NZFC Lumina Lamb Ambassador cooking competition. Let's cut to the chase...

What's on the line?

  • Vancouver Lumina Lamb Ambassador Role
  • All expenses paid trip to New Zealand for the Lumina Ambassadors Tour
  • Meet with New Zealand's finest chefs, farmers and suppliers
  • Top 3 enter a televised, live cooking competition with footage supplied to contestants for use in reels and demos!

How does this competition work?

  • The competition is split in to 2 rounds.
  • Round one: self-filmed by chefs using a free Lumina Lamb cut provided to your doorstep.
  • Round 2: A live cooking event, televised on Our City Tonight that will feature a lucky dip of our top selling Lumina Lamb Cuts.
ROUND ONE: Express Yourself!
  • Once entered, we'll send you one of our premier Lumina lamb cuts free of charge. We will judge this with 2 criteria:
  • CREATIVITY: Ingenuity is important to Kiwis! We wanna see something original and more importantly, something that represents YOU and YOUR CULINARY STYLE.
  • ENGAGEMENT: A large part of your role as our Lumina Lamb ambassador will be you ability to engage our customer base through various forms of media. Round 1 will be a self-filmed, 2 minute max video that shows the step-by-step process of how you created your dish. The only rule? It must be able to be followed by the average home chef!


ROUND TWO: The Great Kiwi Cook Off

  • The Top 10 chefs from round one will gather at an undisclosed location to cook off against each other for the title of Lumina Lamb Ambassador 2023.
  • This competition will be judged by a selection of industry legends, chefs and suppliers.
  • All contestants will get access to footage from the event for personal and commercial use.
  • The winner will get an all expense paid trip to New Zealand to represent Western Canada as our Lumina ambassador.


Follow the link to this google form, fill it out and we'll be in touch - once your Oyster shoulder is delivered to you, you'll have 1 week to complete round 1 of the challenge!